Puppy Wellness & Safety 

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our adorable puppies is our utmost priority at PupsYoga Vancouver.

Here are a few things we are doing to make sure our puppies feel confident and comfortable in our space: 

We make it a priority to always have water available to them at all times during the day. Their feeding times are scheduled and strictly followed to maintain consistency.

To create a safe environment for puppies, our studio undergoes rigorous cleaning and sanitization using veterinary-grade products.

We prioritize the rest and sleep needs of puppies by organizing our schedule to provide sufficient downtime between classes. Moreover, we restrict the number of sessions conducted in a day. If a puppy is asleep during a class, we respect their rest and do not disturb them.

PupsYoga Vancouver strictly prohibits sales promotion. The primary objective here is to enhance the puppies' socialization skills, which has been proven to offer incredible benefits.

PupsYoga Vancouver continuously aims to establish a serene and secure environment for our canine companions.