Our Mission

At Pups Yoga, our goal is to give puppies the chance to interact with people as they prepare for their forever homes, while also promoting mental health. However, we have always had a larger mission in mind.

Tashinga, our founder, returned from a trip to Zimbabwe where he witnessed several dogs and puppies living in poor conditions. This experience motivated him to take action, leading to the establishment of Pups Yoga Vancouver. The goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of puppies and dogs worldwide.

Every month, we choose a new organization to receive our donation. This donation is used to provide necessary supplies such as medicine and food. It also contributes to the efforts of finding homes and maintaining housing. Close collaboration with the organizations allows us to have a clear understanding of how our donations are utilized.

Our dedication lies in contributing to the community's well-being through mood-enhancing classes while supporting our furry companions.

These are some of the many organizations we have donated to, thanks to your support!