Our Mission

Here at Pups Yoga, we aim to provide puppies the opportunity to gain exposure to people people they head to their forever homes, all while aiding with mental health. However, we have always had bigger mission in mind.

Our founder, Tashinga came home from a trip to Zimbabwe and he had witnessed several dogs/puppies in bad conditions. After seeing this, he felt determined to help change what he had seen, so Tashinga has founded Pups Yoga Vancouver in hopes to help puppies/dogs all over the world.

Each month a new organization of choice will be given a donation, and this donation will assist with any necessary supplies such as medicine or food. Our donation will also help with finding homes, and maintaining housing. We work closely with the organizations to understand exactly how our donations will be used.

We hope to continue to provide mood boosting classes to the community all while helping our furry friends.

Here are just a few of the organizations we have donated to, all thanks to your support!