About Our Puppies

Our utmost concern is the well-being and safety of our beloved four-legged companions. Our goal is to establish a secure and cozy environment that prioritizes their health and happiness.
In order to ensure the safety of our precious puppies, what steps are being taken? We are making continuous efforts to establish connections with reputable and ethical breeders all across British Columbia, while also partnering with trustworthy rescue agencies. Our rigorous screening process guarantees that we exclusively collaborate with responsible and loving breeders.
We only allow puppies to join us when it is safe for them and they have reached the appropriate age. Our space is always thoroughly sanitized and kept clean to provide them with a safe area to explore.
To ensure cleanliness and prevent the introduction of unwanted bacteria, we kindly ask that you remove your shoes before entering the studio.
Discover more about our safety measures on the 'Our Standards' page.

Mental Health & Socialization

At PupsYoga, we prioritize mental health and strive to enhance socialization skills in puppies through our sessions.

While you enjoy a relaxing hour of beginners yoga, our puppies will freely explore the area and engage with you. It is worth noting that the initial three months of a puppy's life are pivotal for their learning and growth, underscoring the significance of early socialization.

How can this benefit my mental well-being? Engaging with animals has been shown to stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine in the body, which can have a positive impact on feelings of depression and anxiety. Additionally, practicing yoga has been proven to effectively reduce stress and tension within the body.

Moments at PupsYoga Vancouver...

  • "My mental health has never been better, I come here every month. The serotonin boost is insane" - Emma B

  • "Literally obsessed with puppy yoga. As someone who has been having a pretty bad battle with mental health the last few months, I can’t remember the last time I was genuinely happy as I was in class today. " - Alex M

  • "The environment is so great, and the room is always filled with good energy. I can't recommend this enough" - Victoria M

  • "I loved everything about my session. Both relaxing and healing, such a great date idea with friends or a partner!" - Victor O

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